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Early in the Believe Tribe journey, we chose to work with international branding agency Skipper & Skipper

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Why Health and Wellness?

Early in the Believe Tribe journey, we chose to work with international branding agency Skipper & Skipper. Their approach is completely different to other digital and marketing agencies we met; they understood our concept and how best to make it flourish. For our first featured supplier post, we’ve invited them to share more about their ethos and Healthy Thinking approach.
We get asked all the time “why the niche speciality, what made you choose to focus in this area?”
The truth is we didn’t just choose this path – our journeys brought us here.

It continues to blow us away how the concept of aligning your passions with your expertise is such a foreign concept to so many people.

What becomes even scarier is how shocking it is that so many business simply do what they do, because it’s what they do – there is no purpose or passion driving them forward or instilling any type of character and culture into the very fabric from which they operate.

For us our journeys are what directed the niche – it’s not just because it sounded fun – it’s because it simply makes sense. For Duncan a background as an international athlete instilled deep connections and behaviours towards a healthy lifestyle and instilled a belief that when you work hard at something you love we are all capable of achieving more than we allow ourselves to believe.
For Kate an ongoing curiosity and education in health has fuelled her own desire to uncover what optimal performance for us as individuals actually means and how we can give ourselves the best possible opportunities to reach that potential.
This means that we truly live, breath and believe in our niche. From there we are able to bring our creative and communication expertise to the fore to help more brands and individuals get their own incredible health focused products and services to more people with more success, on a global scale.

The result – total fulfilment and gratitude! Not only in the process but in the value we are able to give our clients to help them achieve their goals, which in-turn is ‘helping more people live happier, healthier more balanced lives’ – that is our own mission by the way.

Our clients are able to help us fulfil our own purpose and when you are able to manifest that kind of energy day to day there is no other option but to go all in – because it simply makes sense.

This is why we have been so fortunate for the opportunity to help Michelle and Vaughan bring their vision for the BELIEVE brand to life as it epitomises why we care so much for this sector and have so much passion to see brands just like this succeed in getting their own health message out to the world. Because the genuine cause behind that message is one of love, positive energy and prosperity for all.

What could be more rewarding!



The Power to B.E.L.I.E.V.E

To help your own brand better connect with your audiences follow our own B.E.L.I.E.V.E formula so that your messages are positioning you appropriately in the minds of your consumers ensuring they value your brand beyond its products and services. If you can win the hearts and minds of your consumers on this level you will have loyal long term customers, not simple transactional buyers.

B. rand

Your brand is the greatest asset you have. It is not your product or your service – it is the encapsulation of, and vehicle from which, you deliver why you do what you do. Ensure your message quickly and clearly defines the cause you stand for and articulates the value you bring to the lives of those you serve.

E. motion

For your message to truly connect with people it has to contain a G.E.M. (A Genuine Emotional Motivation). A genuine belief that motivates you along your journey and will engage the reader on an emotional level, allowing them to better understand and care for the cause that you are championing.

L. everage

To position your brand appropriately, not just in the market place but in the minds of their audiences you need to identify the gaps in your market where everyone else is saying the same thing and look at how you can change that conversation. Position how you are different and use the alternate story to create new reasons for your consumers to believe in your brand.

I. nspiration

Inspire your audiences to believe there is a need for your brand, product and/or service.
Bring attention to the pain points your consumers face and provide a motivating insights towards the way your brand is championing solutions that will inevitably create undisputed ease for the user.

E. education

Clearly and appropriately communicate your beliefs, passion and frustrations towards your category – establishing your brand as an authority figure in its market. However humanise your position, be honest about what you are knowledgable about and where you are still educating yourself, better communicating your commitment towards further learning in order to keep refining and improving your product or service.

V. alue

Establish yourself as a brand of influence, a brand that is helping not only your customers but everyone associated to your market. Constantly create and provide value to your audiences setting yourself a platform as a thought leader and value provider. Give away your knowledge in as many forms as you can so that you continually build your presence as a genuine influence as an educational source of knowledge towards your market.

E. volve

Understand the need for your brand to be as much a student as it is a teacher. Your journey as a leader will never end, you should be constantly finding new ways to help your people and improve your products and/or services. Our world is only becoming faster paced so if you sit still you will be left behind. Evolve with trends, lead trends and continually understand the change is a good thing especially if you are at the forefront of your industry and able to calculate those changes before any of your competitors.


We believe that the defining element that separates a good brand from a truly great one is the virtue of belief.
Everything we do focuses on bringing absolute value to our clients however possible and we do that with the confidence that arises from believing unequivocally in WHY we are here.

We call this Healthy Thinking and it has the power to influence behaviour, create cultures and build honest value for your business.


In our work we see the power of values-led, purpose driven story telling everyday and it is what we have become very good at.

Helping your brand to promote its own Healthy Ideas is what we are passionate about – projecting true worth and personal value to your brand’s communication proudly enriching, educating and inspiring experiences.

If you are looking to elevate your brand to help grow business performance and would like a free brand Health check with Skipper & Skipper please just drop us an email and quote the term #BELIEVETRIBER. We would love to hear from another Believer and help bring value to your own business as best we can.

Many thanks – The Skippers
Kate & Duncan

So just to wrap up – why Health and Wellness for us?
Because we want to be more than just another agency – We are an agency who intrinsically care with a determined vision to inspire more people towards making better and more informed health choices.

But most importantly we believe in the power of our client’s products and services, because they truly have the ability to change the world.

So let us leave you with a question – are you doing what truly fills your heart with joy and energy. If not, why not?

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