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Help Us To Recycle Smarter

We’re on a mission to develop a resort that is single use plastic-free and we need your help!

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Our Fight Against Food Waste

Join us in our fight against food waste!

We’re asking for your help and ideas on how we can limit waste and implement effective measures to deal with the inevitable by-product created through food production, preparation and use in a hospitality environment.

We need your knowledge and experience to help us deliver our commitments!

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Our Challenges With Water Waste

We need you!

The topic of this month’s conversation is water waste management. How can we discover and install fully sustainable and highly efficient water waste processes at our island retreat?

Do you have any ideas? Can you help us with this? Read the blog and get in touch!

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How Do We Tackle Water Management?

We need your help with developing our sustainable water management processes.

Our question this month is: “Are there efficient water management systems that we can implement on our island location where water is a scarce commodity?”

Do you know the answer to this? Do you know someone who could help? Read our blog to find out more and get in touch!

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Lithium extraction mines on the South American salt flats.

We Need Your Help!

We need your help with our renewable energy solutions.

Do you or someone in your circle know about renewable energy storage? As we are busy planning the development of our first Ionian retreat, we have started looking for alternative solutions to standard lithium ion batteries. Why? Find out in our latest blog post!

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Rethinking Your Next Adventure: 10 ways to travel more sustainably

We’re sharing our top ten solutions in an effort to promote a more environmentally friendly travel experience – including products, travel tips and ways to offset your carbon footprint. So if you’re busy planning your next trip these simple sustainable travel hacks might be useful.

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BE PART OF IT: 8 Reasons Why

Wondering why you should choose to be part of BelieveTribe? We get it. There are many communities out there, crowdfunding campaigns, individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses promising to create change, so how do you choose?

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A Social Organisation

Around the world creatives, entrepreneurs and inspired thinkers are establishing socially conscious enterprises. Enterprises which do not necessarily focus on wealth, but choose rather, to invest or donate revenue earned into social initiatives with similar principles. Businesses with a social objective.

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Celebrating Community

When we first introduced our idea of a wellness retreat to our nearest and dearest, we quickly realised that what we we’re trying to create was far more than a destination, it was a community.

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