Movement for Mind & Body Harmony

Find out how we plan to take care of your wellbeing holistically, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek ideologies.

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Keeping active has been linked to improving everything...

From our mood to our attention span, the prevention of disease and illness and helping us to sleep better.

In fact, being active is considered such a key pillar of good health that the World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, with this recommendation based upon epidemiological studies of millions of people worldwide.

Have we always needed to exercise?

Our ancestors were moving around a lot more than we typically do today. Their active lifestyles of hunting and gathering ensured that they got their 150 minutes, if not more. Now, the majority of us have sedentary lifestyles and are likely to spend a large portion of our day at a desk or computer, mindfully scheduling exercise into our day. Our little slots of exercise benefit us in all kinds of ways, giving us a hit of endorphins, beating fatigue, overcoming injury and back pain, improving strength and flexibility, boosting our mood and allowing us to socialise with friends.

Is any one form of exercise or activity ‘better’ than another?

What seems most important is that the mode of exercise we choose to do is enjoyable and can be integrated into our lifestyles easily and regularly. Whether you run, swim, dance, do yoga, pilates, martial arts, hiit or boxing, the key thing is to get your body moving.

Daniel Lieberman, professor of human evolutionary biology states that:

“the more we study physical activity, the more we realize that it doesn’t really matter what you do, You don’t have to do incredible strength training to get some benefits of physical activity. There’s all different kinds of physical activity, and it’s all good in different ways.”


Making it work for you.

Here at BELIEVE, we look at wellbeing from a holistic viewpoint, as well as a personalised one. What we mean by this is that we look at health and wellbeing as a “whole”; including both physical and mental wellbeing - just as the ancient Greeks did. Whether it’s nutrition, massage or movement, we take a tailored prescriptive approach over ‘one-size fits all’, to ensure that our guests can have an experience that is suited specifically to them as individuals.
If the gym or pilates isn’t your thing, try taking a sunset walk to the southernmost viewing point or run along the goat trails to the village or northern beaches for a swim in tranquil turquoise water. Dance is movement too… so join us on the high deck for sunrise/sunset celebration. Worth joining us just for the views!

Our take on yoga

Movement, specifically yoga, is intrinsically connected to our philosophy and ethos of what we are building at BELIEVE, for the benefits it can bring both on and off the mat.

We consider yoga to be something we can all turn to at any moment, to re-connect us to our inner selves through our breath, reinstate equilibrium and restore harmony. Yoga can help us tune in to bodily sensations, develop our inner awareness, feel inspired and creative, and ultimately form a deeper relationship with ourselves, mentally and physically.

The etymology of the word “inspiration” stems from the latin word inspirare which can be translated as “in spirit” or “divine guidance”. It is also connected to the root word spirare, which means “to breathe”. In many ways, yoga can be perceived as the combination of breath and divine guidance or spirit.

“The yogic texts all unequivocally state that peace can only be found within, never without. Therefore if we wish to create a more peaceful world, we must first learn to relax and harmonise our own body and mind” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

The BELIEVE community are like-minded individuals in pursuit of creating positive flow and our vision for our community retreat is a beautiful, peace filled place that serves to inspire and re-connect us to our inner selves no matter what form of activity or pursuits we choose.



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