What is Creativity?

Discover the story behind our desire to inspire your creativity and why we deem the ability to get in touch with our creativeness such an important factor on our retreats.

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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou

Contrary to how it might feel on a typical day, creativity is not something we possess or do not possess; it is not something we can run low on or run out of, but rather a state of being that we can harness for our self-care, wellbeing and enjoyment.

What do you remember creating as a child that brought you joy? Perhaps it was a collage with PVA glue and foraged leaves and flowers, maybe it was a painting or drawing with all the colours of the rainbow? Did you build a den in the woods or lego structures in your living room? Did you sketch out pirate maps to find hidden treasure and stain it with tea bags, or perhaps you brewed magic potions with ingredients in your kitchen cupboards? These are all perfect examples of our innate ability to be creative. As children, it seemed to come easily to us! Ruled by our imagination and unbounded by any limiting beliefs or self-doubt, we’d indulge ourselves in creative pursuits at any opportunity.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”

 – Pablo Picasso


As adults, we might be familiar with creativity through hobbies, clubs and side hustles, or perhaps we use creative activities to unwind from our stresses. Whether it’s drawing, playing an instrument, sewing, baking, knitting, pottery, singing, origami, floristry, foraging, dancing, gardening, candle making, bird watching, elaborate makeup application or even nail art, there are so many ways we can access, expand and enjoy our creativity.

Creativity is all of these things, and it is also a lot of other things too. Creativity can be problem-solving, having a flexible approach in your endeavours, adapting, evolving, overcoming the obstacles that get in your way, being wrong, starting again, changing your mind, expanding your horizons, opening your heart to new possibilities.

Creativity can be as simple as colour-coding your books or possessions, creating a new method of filing documents on your computer or garnishing a bland dish with fresh herbs and crushed seeds. Creativity can also be a collective pursuit, requiring collaboration and cooperation. The German philosopher Hegel declared that;

“We are creative when we strip the world of its stubborn foreignness and adapt it to our needs.”

For us, creativity is an approach to building a sustainable business. This has been a project rooted in creativity from its inception. When we started sharing the Aroha concept with our nearest and dearest, we quickly realised the abundance of creative ideas and solutions that others wanted to share. This wealth of knowledge within our Believe tribe community is what inspired us to share our “Help Us To…” blog post series published last year, where we reached out to you guys asking for your support and advice on a number of retreat construction-related topics. If you haven’t already read these posts, you can find them here.

The level of engagement that we received back when we started the project sparked our imagination and creativity and changed the way we thought about Aroha, particularly what it stood for and what it will represent in the future. It’s these continual tweaks, improvements and learnings from our community members that make us even more confident in the final result.

Here at Believe Tribe, we strive to offer a recuperative haven for body, mind and spirit. A place where the mind can calm and we can make space to expand our innate, creative, natural being – and we can’t wait for you to join us there.



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