How Do We Tackle Water Management?

We need your help with developing our sustainable water management processes.

Our question this month is: “Are there efficient water management systems that we can implement on our island location where water is a scarce commodity?”

Do you know the answer to this? Do you know someone who could help? Read our blog to find out more and get in touch!

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In last month’s blog we posed the question around our renewable energy challenge and in keeping with an earth focus theme, this month’s blog will raise the next big sustainability dilemma; efficient water management.

Our question this month:

“Are there efficient water management systems that we can implement on our island location where water is a scarce commodity?”

As you can imagine hotels consume a significant amount of water; from showers, to the kitchens, to the gardens and the pools…

The current water supply for the small community of inhabitants, 50 in total, is serviced by a single water pipe connected from the mainland; the service poses a risk in that the pressure can be erratic and regularly breaks down. To understand the scale of the challenge we’ll be introducing up to 200 additional people to the population mix during season. To really optimise this precious resource we’ll need to manage periods of limited water supply and have safe storage systems, as well as methods of recycling and reusing grey water both for our retreats and for the island inhabitants. We envision a scalable solution for the island as a whole so that everyone benefits.

Like most areas in the Ionian the winter season brings a significant amount of rainfall so our thoughts would be to develop water capture solutions; each element of the retreat needs to focus on capturing and channeling rainfall effectively from the use of aqueducts in our landscaping design to incorporating water run off elements into our tented villa designs. Capturing as much rainfall as possible would go a long way to help us meet the water needs of our retreat, including servicing accommodation, swimming pools, catering etc.

So assuming our supply from the mainland is not secure and the rain water captured is insufficient what other options should we look into and who are the experts to provide these services?


While it’s an option it comes with a downside, namely the energy required to run the plants and then the most critical part, dealing with the brine… are there effective methods of dealing with this?

Do you know of any companies offering  a complete system for:

  • Water capture/harvesting
  • Safe Storage
  • Grey water reuse
  • Sewage processing and use
  • Other water saving solutions

Is there anybody out there that may consider partnering with us to test their new technology?

Please get in touch with us by dropping us an email, commenting on this blog post or contacting us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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