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Project Drawdown is a climate change prevention project that we, as an eco-conscious company making our mark in the eco-tourism sector, are wholeheartedly behind. Find out how we plan to support this necessary cause.

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What It Is And How We Plan To Support It

For us, Project Drawdown is the proof that the world needs to realise that the global crisis of climate change is, in fact, reversible. Yes, damage has been made, but we have the ability to reverse this and prevent further damage from taking place, but we must act now. 

As an eco-conscious company making our mark in the eco-tourism sector, this is a cause that we are wholeheartedly behind.

What is Project Drawdown all about?

This climate change prevention project has the solitary aim of improving the current climate crisis to the point of which the rate of decline of levels of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere surpasses the increase. The project states that their mission is to fulfil this aim “as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible”.

The Project Drawdown Framework

Back in 2013, Paul Hawken, an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, activist and founder of Project Drawdown, brought together an international team of scientists and other experts in the climate change field to come up with an easy-to-follow set of solutions to urge the reversal of global warming. Since then, the project has simplified and separated its main solutions into three, equally significant groups.

  1. The Source. Going back to the source by putting a stop to the gas-producing processes themselves – eg. the burning of fossil fuels. The objective of this solution is to bring emissions to zero.
  2. Natural carbon sinks. Promoting and supporting the Earth’s natural carbon “sinks” that form an integral part of the planet’s habitual carbon cycle. These sinks are natural processes that capture, absorb and store excess carbon – an example being photosynthesis.
  3. Society. Educating and improving our society, helping communities to be more eco-conscious and providing the tools that they might need to make adequate changes.

Each of these three, main groups of solutions can be further broken down into a vast number of smaller sectors and subgroups making up a total of over 100 solutions in the Drawdown Framework. This gives every person, every community and every organisation an appropriate solution that they can adopt to do their part for the planet.

How does BELIEVE plan to support it?

Project Drawdown is a significant influence for us – from the development of our current wellness retreat, Aroha to the planning of our future projects, we have adopted as many of the relevant Drawdown Framework solutions as we can. The graphic below shows how we plan to support the mission and which solutions we will be focusing on.

We plan to implement a multitude of the recommendations from Project Drawdown into the development and building of our boutique wellness retreats, the first being project Aroha, located in Corfu, Greece. The Project Drawdown framework has given us a fantastic starting point of practical solutions that we can follow to make a difference for our planet and do our part for the world.

Whilst these initiatives from both Project Drawdown and the Permaculture philosophy that were outlined in our previous blog are all purely applicable to solutions, in next month’s blog we will be taking a look at various methods of prevention and how we plan to use these within our eco wellness retreats.

Stay tuned for more information!

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