BE PART OF IT: 8 Reasons Why

Wondering why you should choose to be part of BelieveTribe? We get it. There are many communities out there, crowdfunding campaigns, individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses promising to create change, so how do you choose?

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BE PART OF IT: 8 Reasons Why

Wondering why you should choose to be part of Believe Tribe? We get it. There are many communities out there, campaigns, individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses promising to create change, so how do you choose?

If you care about community, social projects and the planet, as well as being part of something that stands for positive choices then you’ll find a sense of belonging within the Believe Tribe. There are incredible ways you’ll benefit from being part of the journey to develop Aroha, our sustainable wellness retreat in Greece. We have taking the opportunity to highlight a few of the benefits and brilliant reasons you might consider paying it forward. We hope you get on board and become part of something special.


As custodians of the Earth we have a responsibility to nurture and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. Disrupt the trend and champion a positive move towards sustainable, responsible travel with us! Agri-tourism to support the local farming community, carbon footprint reduction and personal and planetary health are core to our philosophy. If these things matter to you too, then together we’ll create a new type of retreat, that demonstrates well-being doesn’t have to cost the earth.

The positive psychological effect of altruistic actions is widely recognised and being part of Believe Tribe is something to feel good about. You’ll be supporting a social enterprise where many benefit. We’re committed to creating the change we want to see in the world and by supporting us, you become an advocate for change too. We think that’s something to celebrate - expect recognition on our online community wall, with social shout outs, you’ll even have your own leaf on the gifting tree at the retreat! Positive actions are contagious, and we hope others will be inspired by the choice you’ve made to support us.

Aroha will be built by the community, for the community. That means you’ll have your say on everything from location, to the design and architecture of the space. From brushed cotton bed linens to eco shampoo bars in the showers, local woven rugs and hammocks between the trees; it’s all in the details. We’ll be reaching out to the Believe Tribe for ideas on sourcing products, so you’ll get to discover the rest of the community’s recommendations and share your own. The most popular picks will become part of Aroha too!


When you think of wellness, what does your soul seek? We’re providing an opportunity for you to curate the setting and experiences you need to be the best version of yourself. Want to attend sunrise yoga sessions? Meditate on the shore? Learn traditional farming practices? Paint, write poetry, chill out to some great music or dance? We’ll be listening to our Tribe’s needs and making sure the things you need are right here, so you benefit from the best possible experience. After all, this is your retreat.

You’ll be the first to experience Aroha … we’d be over the moon to meet you there so we can share what we’ve built with you! Securing VIP status means you’ll have access to preferential rates, priority booking, exclusive discounts as well as loyalty treats during your stay.

Be part of a new approach to tourism enterprise; this is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow with us. You’ll be part of a community construction project at grass roots level, sharing in the knowledge and lessons learnt along the way. We believe in complete transparency, so you’ll get to see a social project develop and get a valuable insight into the process. We know our community is full of entrepreneurs and we hope you’ll take these learnings and continue to do something different. And we’ll be there to support you and help kickstart your dream!


Meet and be inspired by others who not only share your vision, but can enrich your life through their skills and services. There’ll be business opportunities to explore as we seek the best coffee roasters, yoga teachers, architects, chefs, therapists - even plumbers! We want them to be part of our community and as such, serve us all. This is a powerful network of creatives to be a part of.

That’s what happens when you choose to pay-it-forward. Supporting Believe Tribe is just one stage, as we grow, we intend to invest in other projects, social enterprises and environmental causes that our community cares about. We’ve chosen to create a model which ensure a percentage of profit goes towards this goal and this attitude; this way we ensure the cycle of paying-it-forward and creating positive change continues.

Sounds good? We think so too. We encourage you to get in touch, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media, to stay up to date with the project. If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly too! We’d love to chat about the details.

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