A Revisit of Rest, Recover & Renewal

Rest. Recover. Renew.

Join us as we revisit the three experiences at the core of our island retreat.

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Rest. Recover. Renew.

These three words are the very essence of our island retreat, where from the moment you arrive your journey to wellbeing can begin.


Rest - Experience the refreshing ease of serenity, relish the calm and peace garnered from a slower pace of life, of sleep, and the awareness of your soul awakening.


Recover - Enter a state of pure bliss and harmony by reconnecting with the intrinsic healing power of nature, come back to your authentic-self and reunite with others.


Renew - Reignite your wellbeing journey; feel refreshed and inspired as you embrace new experiences. Be encouraged to explore as this promotes growth and learning. 

Why are these three core values so important to us?

To understand WHY, we need to take you back to the very beginning of the BELIEVE vision. We felt then, and we still do, that modern day life is creating more and more a sense of disconnectedness. We find ourselves constantly plugged in but appear to be moving further away from social experiences and meaningful interactions.

We know that people yearn for spaces where they can hit pause and breathe deeply … both abundant sources of energy. Positive energy; igniting joy.

We know this because we felt all of these things too. This is the reason why we’re on a mission to create a welcoming space that inspires the people we care about, you, our guests, to thrive long after the tan lines fade.

The importance of THRIVE

The definition of ‘thrive’ is to grow, flourish and prosper. Up until a few years ago this may have meant working a 9-to-5 pushing your way up a corporate ladder, whereas in more recent years there has been, what we believe is a necessary shift, to recognise that thriving in life is so much more than those things.

At the start of our BELIEVE journey, we were greatly inspired by Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, we realised that a fundamental problem for many of us is not being encouraged to thrive in the real sense of the term. So we decided to create a nurturing space where people can thrive.

“It seemed to me that people who were genuinely thriving in their lives were the ones who had made room for well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.” – Arianna Huffington.

Right now we are in the final planning stages of our first retreat in the Greek Ionian. A low environmental impact development. Designed following green architectural principles. Adhering to our core values of responsible tourism; working with the local community to fund and support local environmental initiatives.

Over the following months we’ll be exploring some meaningful ways to improve wellbeing to help you thrive every day. A key aspect being the importance and benefits of ‘Nature’, which we’ll divulge more on next month. We can’t wait to share with you all of the goodness that we’ve discovered.

If you haven’t yet read our first blog post about Rest, Recover and Renewal, or you would like to read it again, you can read this here.

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